Very Important Questions

VIQ: Can Cruiser Islands go on the ocean?
VIA: Absolutely. Remember they are BOATS cleverly facaded to look like islands. The hull systems can be can be Monohull, Catamaran or Trimaran, made of fiberglass, aluminum or steel. Whether you are on a lake, river or the ocean you can take your island for a CRUISE, ...even Trans-Continental.

VIQ: How are they made?
VIA: There are three basic ways to proceed:
1. Completely custom for any size. This begins with your choice of hulls and engines. We then design all the Fantasy Features you desire.
2. Convert your existing boat. Generally this would be done to the exterior facade, but can include some or all of the interior.
3. For large commercial requirements a very practical (and green) approach would be to convert a big vessel of any size that's been "moth-balled" and can be obtained for nominal sums.

VIQ: What's involved in maintenance?
VIA: The engines and all other mechanical and electrical equipment is the same as any other vessel.
The facade is easy. These are not 'spiffy white yachts' that must be polished. These are artisan made rocks, caves, palm trees and thatched huts. As in nature an occasional rain shower will be sufficient, but if you want you can hose them down.

VIQ: What if there is damage from an accident or act of nature?
VIA: Again, these are not spiffy white yachts that would require up to months "out of service" to restore their super gleaming appearance.
The repairs are quick and can be limited to the damaged area only. ( Rocks and other natural looking amenities do not have to 'match' anything else). Usually the repairs would be done while it remains in service. A 'nautical net' can drape the area until it is completed.

VIQ: Are there any Design or Facade limits?
VIA: None. The island concepts shown here are tropical, but we can create any theme: Venice, Oriental, Gothic etc. or they can be designed for your specific business genre. Remember
these are "Islands By Desire".

VIQ: Do they all have engines?
VIA: Most uses would, however if yours is to serve as scenery or a desination island in a pond or lake no engines are necessary. Of course you may need 'Shuttle Islands' or 'American Gondolas' to get there, and back.

VIQ: What is a GaZeeBoat?
VIA: GaZeeBoats and Yard Extenders become Fantasy Retreat Decks for your waterfront property. Their designs can be tropical or reflect the architecture of your house. When desired take your deck for a cruise. And if you move you can take your deck with you.

VIQ: Can I put a small island in my pool?
VIA: Yes, for larger pools. They can be floating bars and sun bathing areas. Or if you have a small waterfront yard you can 'extend' it. Your 'Yard Extender' can even have a glass bottom pool or spa.

VIQ: What specifications can they be built to?
VIA: They can be made to United States Coast Guard specifications for commercial uses or to other desired boating organization specs.

VIQ: What do they cost?
VIA: The range of sizes and features are limitless. Generally they would cost about the same as other quality vessels of the equal size.
Special consideration: If your island is for a commercial charter operation or for corporate promotions and/or entertainment, the High-Profile media attention and on going word of mouth is priceless advertising.

VIQ: Has the first Cruiser Island been made?
VIA: The Island itself has not been made. However, for more than 25 years we've been creating all of the Fantasy Features that make it Paradise, while developing the unique techniques that make it possible. We are ready to put them all together for you.

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